Frequently Asked Questions

Foster Care FAQs

Foster Care

Q – What is the foster approval process?

A – Joining our fostering program is easy and only takes a few steps.

  1. Fill out your foster application and submit it online. Our foster coordinator will contact you by phone or email to discuss your application and answer any questions you may have.
  2. After you are approved, we will schedule a quick 15-30 minute home visit to see where you will be keeping your fosters. This visit also gives you the opportunity to ask any other questions you may have.
  3. Finally the best step, get your new foster animal(s) and show them some love.

Q – What if I have an age or size preference for the animals I want to foster?

A – We love to have a diverse group of fosters and will meet any requests you may have.

  • You only have to foster the number of dogs/cats you want . And you can let our foster coordinator know what size or age preference you may have.
  • Of course we know that there are those who want to foster only dogs or only cats and we welcome that as well.

Q – What if I decide I can’t let go of my foster and want to adopt him/her?

A – Many of us have fallen hard for our foster animals and have given them their forever home.

  • If you do decide adopt your foster, you will just have to sign the contract and pay the adoption fee.

Q – What costs does SAFE cover?

A – SAFE will cover any medical cost for any veterinarian services your foster animal may require with previous authorization from SAFE management including:

  • vaccinations,
  • antibiotics
  • sterilization
  • and emergency care

We will provide you with emergency contact numbers to get authorization in case of a medical emergency.

If you choose to not get authorization or go to a veterinarian without our knowledge, you will be responsible for the vet bills. 

We will also help with food and any other supplies you may need as donations permit.

Adoption FAQs


Q – Where are adoption events and do I have to go to every one of them?

A – No you do NOT have to attend every adoption event.

  • We understand our fosters have dedicated their free time to us and that other obligations may interfere with bringing your animals to the site for every event.
  • We do ask our fosters to attend a minimum two events per month.
  • You can drop off your foster animal at or before the event start time, provide the pets information to our volunteers and return to pick up your foster at the events end.
  • You are also encouraged to stay and show your animal to potential adopters.

Adoptions are held regularly. Please click on this link to view the schedule.

On occasion we will have special long adopt-thons and events at other places but we will let you know via email ahead of time.

Q – Where and when can I adopt a SAFE animal?

A – Adoptions are only conducted on Saturdays.

Please refer to the schedule for dates, times and locations.

Q – Where do you get these animals?

A – SAFE rescues animals off the euthanasia lists at the animal control facility here in Pima County (Pima Animal Care Center aka PACC) as well as from those throughout the state of AZ and CA. We do on occasion take in strays found by Good Samaritans, retired breeder dogs, or owner relinquishments. These are accepted on a case by case basis.

Volunteer FAQs


Q – My friend and I would like to volunteer over winter break but are finding it hard to find and organization that accepts people under 12. We are both 12 years old. Is this an organization that could be a possibility to volunteer at?

A -SAFE always appreciates our teen volunteers and we could always use more help at our adoption sites. If you are 14-17 years old, you can volunteer on your own if your legal guardian signs your volunteer agreement.

If you are under 14, we would love to have you help as long as your legal guardian stays with you at the adoption site.