Fosters are vital to SAFE, because without them, our rescue could not exist.

Since we do not have a shelter, having committed foster homes is the only way we can rescue animals and find them their forever homes.

As a foster for SAFE, your main responsibility will be to provide some much needed to a homeless dog or cat.

These animals will often come to you exhausted, scared, and mistreated and need to learn that humans can be kind. By opening your heart and home, you can give these animals a second chance at the new, wonderful life they deserve.

Below are some answers to questions from others like yourself who are seeking to become fosters.

If you have need of any additional information, please email us using our “CONTACT US” page or fill out a foster application, our Foster Coordinator will contact you As Soon As Possible.

Thank you for your interest in fostering and animal rescue.
-Foster Coordinator

FAQ’s of Fostering

Foster Care

Q – What is the foster approval process?

A – Joining our fostering program is easy and only takes a few steps.

  1. Fill out your foster application and submit it online. Our foster coordinator will contact you by phone or email to discuss your application and answer any questions you may have.
  2. After you are approved, we will schedule a quick 15-30 minute home visit to see where you will be keeping your fosters. This visit also gives you the opportunity to ask any other questions you may have.
  3. Finally the best step, get your new foster animal(s) and show them some love.

Q – What if I have an age or size preference for the animals I want to foster?

A – We love to have a diverse group of fosters and will meet any requests you may have.

  • You only have to foster the number of dogs/cats you want . And you can let our foster coordinator know what size or age preference you may have.
  • Of course we know that there are those who want to foster only dogs or only cats and we welcome that as well.

Q – What if I decide I can’t let go of my foster and want to adopt him/her?

A – Many of us have fallen hard for our foster animals and have given them their forever home.

  • If you do decide adopt your foster, you will just have to sign the contract and pay the adoption fee.

Q – What costs does SAFE cover?

A – SAFE will cover any medical cost for any veterinarian services your foster animal may require with previous authorization from SAFE management including:

  • vaccinations,
  • antibiotics
  • sterilization
  • and emergency care

We will provide you with emergency contact numbers to get authorization in case of a medical emergency.

If you choose to not get authorization or go to a veterinarian without our knowledge, you will be responsible for the vet bills. 

We will also help with food and any other supplies you may need as donations permit.

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For every new foster home we find, we can rescue one more dog or cat. If you’d like to help us save animals from euthanasia, please consider becoming a foster parent.

When in foster care, an abused or abandoned dog or cat learns to trust people. This gives it a chance to become a happy, healthy pet. Being in foster care greatly increases the chance of a pet’s new home being successful and stable.

Fosters work with the pet on basic house manners, potty training, and other behavior problems. The most important lesson a pet learns is that they aren’t going to be hurt any more.

We have a really nice foster system because we do not require that you spend every Saturday at our adoption sites. You can just drop the pet off and the site volunteers will take it from there. Of course you are more than welcome to help us at the sites, but it is not required.

Therapy for both

Some animals are more “needy” than others. It is your choice

Socialize and train

Increases that chances for the pet

The cost to you is your time.

We pay for…

Beneficial.. no long term commitments

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