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Sorry it has taken me so long to respond – technology can be our friend but not always!

Rosie is doing very well.  She is a sweet old sole with the heart of a puppy.  She puts up with the other dogs and somehow tolerates the 2 year old who loves her far more than she would like.

In March the performing arts center needed a dog for Midsummer’s Night Dream – a few had tried but couldn’t handle the costumes and level of activity on stage.  So, off Rosie went to the rehearsals.  She loved the entire experience and the kids loved her. She did very well in the show.  At the meet and greet afterwards the audience was surprised that she was without hair.  From the audience she looked “hairy”.  Her head has become downright fuzzy – we have to trim around her eyes!  Now she is ready to head out the door any time we pick up our keys.  The cancer in her leg is status quo but doesn’t keep her from jumping on the couch or bed when she wants to get extra love.  She never mastered dog doors or going down stairs but she has a little bag of tricks keeping her in the “how cute is that …?” group!

I still don’t have the good pictures of her on stage but will send this one before something else happens!


Margaret and Rick


Lars, Hector Z and Angus

Hi y’all,

Lars is doing really well, he is going through the terrible twos right now keeping me awake all hours of the night.  If there is such a thing as reincarnation he is my Tipper Toe.  He does so many things that Tipper did.  But he definitely his own cat with his own personality.  Thank you so much for him I love him so much.  Here are some pictures that I just took today with my cell.

The big black cat is Hector Z. at 16 he is the oldest and the most spoiled.  The black and white is Angus Thor at 5 years old, he is my problem child getting into trouble everyday.  Sorry it took so long to send pix.  God bless you all and the work that you do.



Dear Happy Tails,

I am attaching a photo of our dog, Smokey, whom we adopted from SAFE at Pet Smart last September.

Smokey is a little male Shih Tzu and the most loveable and playful pet.  We are so glad that we found him because he has filled our lives with more love and joy than we could ever imagine!

Smokey loves car rides, long walks, and napping in the afternoon sun.  He has adapted well to our home and continues to amaze us with how smart he is.

Thank you again for bringing this little soul into our life.  We hope everyone will consider adoption!

Bob and Candace
Tucson, AZ

Bing Lee


I just wanted to email you guys a picture of Bing Lee and thank you for bringing us together. He is without a doubt the perfect cat for me. He is so sweet and good with my niece and nephew. He never bites and get startled and gets along so well with everyone. I even took him with me when I visited my family in California and he traveled with me really well and adjusted almost immediately.

When I first brought him home he hid for only about 1/2 hour before he came out and started wanting me to pet him, within 3 days he was roaming all over the house and coming out to watch tv with the family in the evening. I do habilation for my 6 year old autistic nephew and Bing Lee is so patient with him and lets him pet him even when my nephew is making noises. He is so funny and talks to me all the time, always wants to be around people and is a very sweet and patient cat. I am so lucky and so happy to have found him. Thank you all for what you do and for bringing Bing Lee and me together. Thank you.


Harry the red Persian

Hi– I wanted to write and let you know about Harry, an 8 year old red Persian we adopted from SAFE back in August.

I have had Persian cats in the past and always said if I ever saw a red Persian rescue I would adopt him or her.  A co-worker suggested I go to “petfinder.com” and there he was, “Harry”…the first cat that showed up.  I contacted SAFE and was able to visit him at his foser home and knew I had to adopt him.  He is 8 years old and had been in foster care for a year.  His foster mom did not know his background but I didn’t care.  Harry came home to live with us the next day.  He made himself at home right away and was never shy or afraid in his new surroundings.  He has been to the groomers a few times and even got a bow in his hair at Christmas time.  I can’t imagine why anyone would give him up.  He is soooo sweet, I call him my little “Smushy Smush”.  He makes me smile everytime I see him!

The cutest thing is how much my dog and male cat like him.  My dog (Australian Shepherd) loves to wash Harrys face after he eats.  Since Harry is a Persian he always has a messy face but my dog does such a great job at cleaning him I don’t have to wipe his face anymore and Harry loves it.  He is not afraid of the dog at all and especailly likes the dog to wash under his chin.  We video taped it, it is so cute.

My male cat also loves to groom Harry and lay next to him on the couch.  They some times share their kitty bed even though they each have their own.

Harry likes to be with the family and is also loves when we have company over…he is always the center of attention!  He has even been to my office to visit all my co-workers.

I can’t say enough good things about him…he is a great cat and we are so happy to have him!!

Keep up the good work

Jenny Bertram & Harry

I attached a picture of Harry in our laundry basket and also a picture of him after the dog washed his face.



Lucky and Pippin (formerly known as Brownie)

Dear Happy Tails

About Lucky and Pippin (the dog formerly known as Brownie ;)),

These two very roly-poly soft-eyed mild mannered Chihuahuas came into our lives recently. The first weeks with new dogs is like having a bottomless surprise present that you can open and open never knowing what you will find next. How will they like their first bath? Fine as it turns out, phew. Will they like the new food? YES! What will they think of our other dog? Not much apparently, they pretty much ignored her. Which, being as she was a Diva and quite prepared to ignore them first, really put her off her game.

There are all the first things you notice too. The first time their small little ears perk up showing that they are relaxing. The first time they get spontaneously frisky and playful maybe saying they are getting to like the place. The first time one of them pees on the bathroom rug, well it had to happen. The first time they pluck up the courage to bark at a neighbor. Unlike the poodles sharp piercing bark, the boys have a huskier shorter bark and when they really mean it they tend to bounce their front legs off the ground so they can get more lift with their bark. The art of dog barking.

The first that really killed us though came a week ago. The boys like to sit with my mom in her recliner. They get all comfortable in the chair piled practically on top of each other on the left armrest. They are both professional snorers and combined their rhythms can drown out the TV. And so there they were so comfortably invested one day when a friend of ours came to call. Some people when they come over stop to knock on the door or ring the bell giving the dogs time to get excited and bark and dash about. But, other friends know just to come on in by the patio door. This was such a friend and in he came. So without warning there stood a man saying his hellos and being happily greeted by the poodle and us and whatever the boys were thinking no one will know but what they did was howl. Still laying in their little two body heap in the recliner they started with these brief short howls that brought all conversation to a surprised stop. Then once they had our complete attention those boys let go with some amazing wailing. For about two minutes we were serenaded and then they just stopped. Then we started howling-with laughter.