About SAFE

About Safe...

One of the most important things we do is to rescue animals for soldiers from Ft. Huachuca. Because of the solider's commitment to deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan, they are forced to give up their pets. In many cases the animals are delivered to a shelter and there are way too many for the shelters to care for and keep. If the animals are not re-homed, within a few days they are euthanized (put down).

Most of these dogs are well behaved, well trained or are able to be trained and have been loved and cared for. And through the efforts of S.A.F.E. volunteers and supporters, we are able to ease the trauma and suffering of both the soldier and the pet. Please share in our efforts!

We are a small local group. Almost every penny of your donation goes to the animal, and PENNIES SAVE PUPPIES. There are no salaries paid here. You can make a donation through Paypal, a secure online service.

Who we are...

SAFE is a non-profit “No-Kill” organization (501(c)(3)).
Providing service to Tucson, Arizona and surrounding communities.
We are committed to developing a comprehensive, community
-based resolution to the euthanasia of adoptable
companion animals. While building on the traditional
response of spay or neutering; sterilization alone, fails
to address the realities of how animals end up in shelters
in the first place.
Overcrowding, low adoption rates combined with
ineffective re-homing leaves standard shelters
with little alternative aside from euthanizing
thousands pets each year.

Our Goal...

Our goal is that there would be no pets destroyed. Understanding euthanasia as a problem, and removing pets from the fate that is euthanasia, is the first step toward obtaining this goal.

Our Mission...

We are committed to:
- Rescuing as many animals as we can from kill type
shelters, and to relocating them in preparation for their adoption.
- Working with the public and shelters to discover
and reduce the real causes of companion animal euthanasia.
- Raising of awareness, the education and the
development and implementation of effective programs that
reduce both the numbers of unnecessary births and the
destruction of the great numbers of adoptable animals each year.
- Raising funds and to support our goal and mission.
- Providing you an opportunity to contribute and support SAFE
through the giving of your time as a volunteer, through
financialsupport and through donations.

We believe that with your support, SAFE will be able to achieve its goal.

We Need Your Help!

Saving animals from euthanasia is a time consuming and expensive endeavor that requires many volunteers, financial contributions and donations. Whatever you can do helps! For more information on how you can help, please follow this link. (Insert links here)
Thank you for considering supporting SAFE.

Why Adopt From SAFE?

Lots of reasons!
- As quickly as we adopt an animal out,
bring another one or two in.
- We are a NO-KILL shelter. Once we bring in an
animal, we keep it until it has been placed in a good home.
- If we can’t place it, we give it a home with one
of our fosters.
- All of our pets are neutered and up to date with
their shots before they are adopted out.
- They receive microchips for future identification
if they should get lost.
- If an animal needs medical treatment, we
we make sure it gets it.
- We provide education to the public whenever, and
where-ever we can, and we invite you to be a part
of what we do.
- We provide you the opportunity to do something
for yourself, the animal and society, through volunteering,
fostering and of course through donations.
- It’s the right thing to do and it makes the
world a better place one pet at a time.

The Gift of Volunteering
... and Donations!

Volunteers are the life-blood of S.A.F.E. and
without their time the goal of saving animals from
unnecessary and premature death would not be realized.
We always need volunteers, and fosters, and of course, donations.
If you are unable to volunteer, foster or donate, you can still
do something! Spread the word!
By sharing with your friends, by just telling someone about
the constant and ever present jeopardy of life that
exists for these lovable pets,
you might be saving a pet’s life.
Because of volunteers, who are people just like you, we
are able to rescue, foster and adopt abandoned
and would-be abandoned pets.