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The adoption of rescued cats and dogs is essential to our No-Kill commitment to rescue at risk cats and dogs, without it, it would only be a matter time until we could no longer continue as a No-Kill shelter. Facility space, medical care, feeding and additional expenses associated with each and every pet that we care for is ongoing and ever increasing expense and logistical issue that is only reduced through adoption.
As adoption is crucial to the success of the S.A.F.E mission, we have additionally made the vetting of prospective owners equally as important. With this in mind, please complete the adoption application. Take your time as adoption should be considered a permanent addition to your household and family. Often, well meaning individuals choose to take on the commitment and after a time find having the pet does not fit into there lifestyle and will want or need to re-home the cat or dog. Although we are fully aware that conditions and circumstanced are fluid and cannot be fully accounted for, we hope to reduce that number as best as we can. Your conscientious and well thought out decision is the least that we are asking for.

Thank you in advanced for your interest and support of S.A.F.E.

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